2005 Toyota Tacoma Base Truck Double-Cab in El Paso Used Car Dealerships: Durable and Practical

Working out of your truck is nice because it lets you store tools in a safe place and haul larger sized items. In terms of reliability, it is hard to beat the 2005 Toyota Tacoma base truck double-cab. To top it all off, it has a unique front with a well-designed bumper.

Notable Interior Features

The 2005 Toyota Tacoma base truck double-cab offers bench front seats that are comfortable to sit in. They are wrapped in cloth that holds up in any work environment. As far as your instrumentations, there is a clock, tachometer, and low fuel level warning to help you know when your fuel levels are getting too low.

The power steering gives you precise drives, even if you are driving in rugged environments. Front door pockets give you plenty of room for smaller items, including maps and change. There are four speakers inside this truck, giving you plenty of bass and treble to work with when you want to listen to the standard AM/FM radio.

Engine and Performance

The 2005 Tacoma is built for anything, giving you assurance as a driver. The base 2.7L engine puts out 164-horsepower and 183 lb-ft of torque. The double wishbone front suspension helps you get smooth drives on rough terrains. It has a 21 gallon fuel tank capacity, which lets you get 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway.

Go to El Paso used car dealerships to try out the power of this stylish truck. It is a great everyday driver and performs well on any job site.


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